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Old Ezra 7


Lux Rows Distillers has an interesting history in that they have traditionally had others distill for them until they built their own facility a couple years ago. Old Ezra was distilled by Heaven Hill, who have a whole slew of brands under their belt like Elijah Craig, Old Fitzgerald, and many others.

Old Ezra 7 is a barrel strength whisky coming in at 58.5% and it’s very noticeable. It has a kick to it as it warms the mouth and throat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find it stood out from other bourbons. It has that familiar cinnamon and orange peel bourbon smell with very little of it separating it from the rest, except maybe a hint of hazelnut.

An empty whisky glass

58.5% ABV
First reviewed: 02 Aug 2020
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