The Snook Nook

About the Nook

Welcome to the Snook Nook, where I keep track of the whiskies in my collection. I take notes of what I've tried and hope you enjoy them, too.

Rating System #

The rating system I'm using is based on t8ke's system. I think it provides a well-balanced rating while not skewing everything into a 20 point band.

  1. Disgusting. So bad, I poured it out.
  2. Poor. I wouldn't consume it by choice.
  3. Bad. Multiple flaws.
  4. Underwhelming. Tolerable.
  5. Good.
  6. Very Good.
  7. Great. Above average.
  8. Excellent. Really quite exceptional.
  9. Incredible. An all-time favourite that I'll recommend relentlessly.
  10. Perfect. Nearly unobtainable.


An empty whisky glass