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Octomore 10.1


I have a love affair with Bruichladdich. Black Art, Octomore, Port Charlotte. So many delightfully tasty whiskies.

The Octomore 10.1 is a 5 year old scotch with a lot of peat. 107 parts per million, according to the bottle. Which seems like a lot.

I’ve enjoyed a few drams from this bottle and each time, I am delighted and continue to find new flavours. Initially, it was all about the smokiness—but one that differentiates itself from the kind of smoke you get from Lagavulin, Laphroaig, or Ardbeg. This evening, I swear I was reminded of wintergreen mint Life Savers.

On the palate, the flavour was intense but not quite with the same complexity as the nose. The smoke is still there but a sweetness comes through, as well, along with a hint of ginger. At a strong 59.8% ABV, I find adding some water definitely helps settle the intensity and lets some other earthy flavours come through.

I’d love to get my hands on the entire Octomore collection to enjoy.

An empty whisky glass

59.8% ABV
First reviewed: 25 Jun 2020
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