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Kujira 20


Some purists might argue that a rice spirit can’t be called a whisky. I’m not one of those purists.

The Kujira 20 is a “rice whisky” that has been aged for 20 years in American bourbon barrels.

On the nose, it’s rather fascinating, with a sharp, almost chemical, smell and then a candy sweetness follows behind that. It reminds me of those strawberry hard candies that had a soft, liquid center.

On the palate, it’s like buttery toffee and ginger candy. It’s a sticky sweetness. I’m picturing some spilled Kool Aid that has been sitting out for too long. It doesn’t have quite the same rounded, sake-like mouthfeel that many rice whiskies have but it’s still close.

And just a hint of spice lingers after it all goes down.

I think this one was about $300 (U.S.). A bit on the pricey side—although maybe not so much for a 20 year old liquor.

An empty whisky glass

43% ABV
First reviewed: 17 Jul 2020
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