The Snook Nook

Kaiyo Mizunara Cask


The description of this is interesting. Aged in mizunara casks and then taken out to sea for up to three months. A bunch of Kaiyō whiskies, like The Sheri and The Peated, have won awards but this isn’t one of them and I think that is evident upon experiencing it.

On the nose, there’s the smell of tap water and cedar with hint of green apple. There’s also a dull sweetness that comes through. On the palate, there’s an initial spice and then a bit of apple pastry with a lot of dry wood to follow.

Adding a bit of water brings out more of that sweetness but not much else. Considering the time at sea, I didn’t notice any saltiness come through in the final product.

Not the most exciting Japanese whisky. If you’re into Highland Scotches, I think this might find more appeal for you but for me, I find it bland and uninteresting. I’d rather have my go-to Nikka Coffey Grain.

An empty whisky glass

43% ABV
First reviewed: 26 Jul 2020
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