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My experience with whisky has been limited mostly to Japan, Scotland, and the good ol’ U.S of A. Maybe oddly, despite my residence, I haven’t explored much in the way of Canadian whiskies.

Collingwood is made north west of Toronto, off the coast of Georgian Bay with a blend of corn, rye, and barley. Aged in white oak barrels, blended, and then rested with toasted maplewood staves to finish it off.

On the nose, Collingwood has a strong cereal note with a light fruity apple scent. Like oatmeal with fresh apple slices on top.

Swirl it around the glass and you’ll see that this definitely has legs. Marzipan comes through on the palate. Definitely more complex than a bourbon but overly so. The finish is warm and drying.

The Collingwood website says the whisky goes well neat or in a cocktail. I decided to whip up some simple syrup and make myself a whisky sour. The taste of the whisky comes through and adds a lovely flavour to the sour.

At $35 (Canadian), I think this is a great mixer that is still decent (if maybe somewhat unremarkable) neat.

An empty whisky glass

40% ABV
First reviewed: 12 Jul 2020
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