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Black Art 6.1


Bruichladdich is such an interesting distillery with unique, flavourful expressions. The main Bruichladdich line—which includes the Black Art series—are unpeated Islay whiskies. Islay is known for its peat and the distilleries there, like Laphroaig and Lagavulin, are known for their smokey expressions. Bruichladdich has its Port Charlotte and Octomore lines for those more interested in the smokiness.

But we are here to talk about Black Art and, in particular, the 6.1. I have heard that the 4.1 is probably the best of the Black Art series but here in Ontario, if it isn’t offered by the provincial liquor store monopoly, then you’ll have to travel and bring it back with you.

So, while I can’t currently get my hands on the 4.1, I could get my hands on the 6.1. And I’m not disappointed.

The colour is surprisingly dark, although it is a 26 year old whisky. On the nose, I’m reminded of childhood memories at the pool with a hint of chlorine and a strong fruit flavour like cherry ice cream.

Going down, there’s vanilla and, again, a strong fruit flavour. This time, more like a strawberry-flavoured candy. Finally, I’m left with dryness and saltiness.

There is so much character to this whisky. I look forward to one day trying the other Black Arts.

An empty whisky glass

46.9% ABV
First reviewed: 22 Jun 2020
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